[More] Fishing and Hiking


Due to Thursday being so epicly void of fish, we were getting serious.  Alarms were set this time, and we got up early to fish.  Then I made coffee… then we made breakfast… and then it was only semi-early.  But coffee is import, and there were frosted mini-wheats.  I don’t buy much cereal other than granola, and apparently I have super missed those little frosted rectangles.

Sea Lion Lake

Anyway, brother wasn’t about that getting up early business, so mom joined us this time.  Prior to our arrival, she had been fisher-woman-of-the-week, and had caught the only two the prior day, so I was a little worried she’d show us all up.  Wrong! First fish of the day: boyfriend!  Pretty big, but not quite big enough.  Back into the lake he went.

T's Fish

We kept on our way, and I few minutes later I caught some seriously tough lily pads.  And then my lily pads took a sharp turn to the left! AH! Reel! Reel! Reel! Success! Small mouth bass.  Boyfriend got him off the hook for me.  I was feeling brave and decided I’d hold him, so I pulled on my gloves (yep, need my gloves to be brace) and gave it a try.  Well he was a slippery little dude and he took a tumble into the boat (make note of this for later… I dropped him IN the boat).  Boyfriend rescued him, mom measured him… keeper!  Fishy went on the stringer, and provided he was listening, I’m sure he appreciated the commentary I gave him throughout the rest of the trip.  Not too long later I caught another little dude!  A little crappie this time.  I successfully held this one (no dropping anywhere) and then let him go.  On the other side of the boat of course, so he can grow bigger.  Continuing further around the lake, my lure got snatched again and this time it scared me.  There was no gentle tug on the line,  he just tried to take off with it!  After I got him towards the boat, we saw that it was a Northern! I had been hoping… I had switched to a shinier lure just for him.  Everyone else was feeling sorry for themselves that I was catching all the fish, so we decided to head back.  Just kidding, we had been out for a while and it was getting kind of warm out.


We went  into Florence to go to church and get some lunch.  Afterwards there is a dam operated WE Energies that my family had been to previously.  Mom wanted to go back, so we headed out on adventure after lunch.  The first time we ended up… on the wrong side of the river.  Oops.  We got out and skipped a few stones and headed back around.  We walked down a few paths and hung out on the rocks behind the damn for a while.  Lots of pictures were taken of sink holes, flowers and the rapids. 


For dinner we had salmon in addition to some small mouth bass.  One 15 inch bass doesn’t feed five people!  And brother made some dutch oven blueberry cobbler over the fire.  After the sugar high, boyfriend wanted to do some walleye fishing.  For this you apparently need minnows which we had bought earlier.  I learned later how you fish for walleye.  In the dark, with your line in the water.  It involves sitting still and being quite. Luckily, I learned all of this before going out on the boat.  Close call.  I stayed back on the dock with mom.  We did some fishing, but it was hard in the dark when you can’t tell where your lure is.  Shortly I gave up and took some pictures instead. The boys came back empty handed, but apparently had a good time.


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