Quick Trip to Michigan

The morning held… yep, you guessed it… fishing.  I caught a northern and a blue gill.  Two casts in a row.  Excellent!  All thanks to this little guy.  New favorite lure.  Mom must have been getting jealous, because she switched lures for the first time all week.  Which was when I was introduced to “surface lures.”  Which is basically a spinner that flops around on top of the water, rather than sinking and spinning.  It’s rather hilarious.   She cased a for a while and then got tired of it.  I asked to try once, just because it was funny.  I reeled it in, it’s flopping around making lots of racket and it was just as funny as I thought.  I almost had it reeled back to the boat, getting ready to hand mom her pole back, and WOOSH.  A big ol’ fish tries to get it!  It scared the crap out of me.  I had to sit down for a while my heart was beating so fast!  I think more than once I tried to get back up but decided to get back down, for fear of toppling into the lake!  After casting that silly lure for another hour in hopes of actually snagging “megaladon,” we called it a morning.

We set off for another hiking adventure, this time to Big Bull Falls.


Big Bull Falls

Big Bull Falls

We hung around for a while.  Walked through the woods, climbed on some rocks and listed to the water.


Big Bull Falls

We went into Iron Mountain for the afternoon to go to church.  Before church we went up a big hill.  Now I don’t’ know if they told me where we were going and I wasn’t listening, or if they were just taking us on a mystery adventure.  Up towards the top of the hill there were ski lifts.  To which I said, “woah, ski lifts!”  I was told, “yeah, they’re part of the resort” like I was supposed to know what it meant.  This is where I started to think they had told us where we were going and I had missed it. The ski hills looked lost and confused, and like they hadn’t been used in years.  Apparently, this is just how ski hills look in the summer.  All over grown and what not.  Which I supposed makes sense, why would they mow a ski hill in August? Anyway, then we got to a giant wooden tower. Whaaat?  “WHAT is that??”  “The ski jump.  Where we’re going.”  See?  Must not have been listening when they said where we were going.  Ah well.  Point being, that thing is big.  Remember the Olympics? The ski jumpers that go down the ski ramp thing, then fly through the air (because they’ve all lost their minds)? Well now I’ve seen one, and I can confirm that ski jumpers are crazy.  I also decided that ski jumps looks run down and rickety in the middle of the summer, but I googled pictures, and it looks far less like it’s going to crumble in the winter.  They had an event this past February.

Ski Jump

Pine Mountain Ski Jump

After we went to mass, we had dinner.  Every good vacation has at least one ice cream trip, so we had ice cream for dinner!  It was the most gigantic ice cream ever.  And crazy delicious.  I could have eaten the whole thing, but I quit with just a little left in the bottom so I could say “I didn’t eat the whole thing.”


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