Water and Wine

On the last day of our trip, we headed back out the the boat one last time.  After catching exactly zero fish, we needed to pack it in so we could get ready to check out of the cabin.  We needed to get the boat out of the lake, and the boys wanted to drive the boat fast to get there.  I requested they let me out on the dock first.  I went up and met mom to drive the truck over to meet the boys at the boat launch.  While I was winching the boat up onto the trailer… I had a bit of an oops.  In the lake I went!

That’s my extremely concerned brother behind me.

After drying off (just me) and packing up (every one), it was time to wave good bye to the lake.
Lake window
But we had one more stop to make!  Falling Waters Winery is in Crivitz, Wisconsin.  It was a fun little stop before we continued on our trek home.  There was a tasting of 7 wines, and they were… OK.  I’ve had better (and apparently I’m a wine snob now.  I blame the boyfriend).  I also like when there is a tour, but there was not here.  But it was still fun, I’ll never say no to a winery!  Afterwards we said our good byes, and parted ways with my family.  It was a great few days in Wisconsin!  I’ve made it my mission to convince the boyfriend that Wisconsin is an excellent place, and I think we’ve made more progress after this weekend!

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